how do we do it?

We focus on the highest quality of breakfasts, lunches and snacks served, and we have gained experience from many years of work in our café. Our commitment to preparing each event can be seen in the hand-made, artisan bread and sweets from the Buka bakery, the production of all products in our kitchen and cooperation with local suppliers of vegetables, fruits and meat products.

We pay no less attention to specialty coffee, which is very deeply rooted in our hearts! We can prepare both a stand with freshly brewed drip coffees and a fully mobile coffee bar with an espresso machine and our barista. If that is still not enough, we can organize a training event in your office, where employees will not only learn more about coffee, but will also have the opportunity to brew it themselves, while having great fun and integrating.

what we do
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but why?

Working with us can bring many benefits to your company, including:

Providing a delicious and nutritious meal will put all employees in a good mood and show your commitment to their well-being.

Employees who have the opportunity to eat a nutritious meal are more satisfied, focused and productive, which directly translates into the efficiency of their work.

Planning events in offices can be time-consuming. We can do it for you – starting from adapting the menu based on the company’s needs, ending with on-time delivery and preparation of everything on site, we strive to make this process stress-free for you.

We know that taste alone will not defend itself, and the presentation of the product is equally important. We want your employees, clients and partners to have a positive perception of the appearance of your breakfast table, so that we can assess your commitment even more positively.

let us know

We organize not only corporate events, but we will also be happy to help organize a small, intimate event at home, such as a birthday party or a house party.

Write what you are organizing and what help you need, and we will take care of the rest!

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