Black or white? No matter what kind of coffee you like. In Wesoła Cafe you will drink your favourite at its best. Our team are highly skilled at making perfect coffee, be it cappuccino, caffè latte or latte art, and at brewing creamy espresso. Carefully selected coffee beans, the grind size and the water temperature make your beverage absolutely first-rate. It is not a coincidence as we are passionate about coffee. Passion leads to professionalism, professionalism results in quality and quality, according to Jacek Walkiewicz, is luxury. Treat yourself and enjoy the luxury of drinking coffee made with passion and precision.

Our espresso is always made out of doubled amount of ground coffee.
The coffee grinders are filled with 100% arabica coffee beans.
You can choose between e.g. traditional Guatemalan coffee and unique single-origin coffee from any other part of the world.
As a matter of usual practice, we offer different types of single-origin coffee so that you could experience the variety of coffee delights first-hand.



600 ml

Chemex is a large hourglass-shaped vessel invented in 1941. Its considerable size makes it perfect for social get-togethers. It brews delicious coffee, clear, pure, flavoursome and, at the same time, without bitterness and sediment. The taste and texture of this beverage resemble tea rather than strong black coffee. As for its clarity and mildness, you like it or hate it. Surely you will appreciate its visual elegance, which has earned it a place in the permanent collection of New York's Corning Museum of Glass. The Chemex coffee-maker was also selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times.

V60 coffee dripper

400 ml

V60 coffee dripper - a traditional method of brewing. Produced in a Japanese glass factory, this small gadget is used by coffee lovers on a daily basis. With the help of this handy gadget, brewing a large amount of black coffee is a piece of cake. Undoubtedly, it is our favourite coffee-making facility. 

Using this method, it is possible to brew perfectly black and mild coffee. You can enjoy its rich intense flavour and, at the same time, retain the variety of distinctive tastes. 

Aeropress coffee maker

200 ml

Aeropress - the most common and practical coffee-making facility. Paper filter + gentle pressure = a beverage characterised by rich taste and intense flavour. If you're in search of great thrills and pronounced flavours, this type of coffee will become your favourite. 

Aeropress is really handy and virtually unbreakable. It does not occupy much space. All these qualities make it the first choice of those who want to try to brew coffee at home. 

To sip in the cafe and to take away.

Visit Wesoła Cafe, try our coffee, have a chat with the barman, who is willing to give you advice on how to brew particular coffee beans. If you find a type of coffee you like most, take a package home and try it out. We also offer a vast array of accessories and facilities to make perfect coffee at home.
Here's your chance to feel like a real bartender.


update 23/07/2019


We are interested in specialty coffee. That’s why we are currently offering types of coffee from the following roasters: 


Keep up to date with the list of available types of coffee!