Imagine that you come home after a busy day at work and what your dream of is to meet up with your friends but you don't feel like cooking. There is a solution for you: a cheerful house party organized by Wesołą Cafe. Preparing the best house party menu, we take into account the number of guests as well as your and their food preferences. We bake mouth-watering quiches, home-made foccacia, grissini breadsticks, pastes to spread on bread, tasty cakes, cookies etc. Contact us and your dreams come true. With Wesoła Cafe catering, you will throw the best party ever :).


Sweet treat party

  • A sample menu of your sweet treat party (about 30-40 people): 
  • + 2x traditional cake: salted caramel and nut cheesecake, fruit tart with the crumb coat
  • + 3x healthy sweet cake: snickers, raspberry chia, lemon love

- the menu is planned in line with your individual needs

Get-together (10 people)

  • A sample menu:
  • + 2x quiche (10 pieces); a wide choice of meat, vegetarian and mixed
  • + 2x paste of your choice: traditional hummus, sun-dried tomato spread, white bean& green olive dip & other
  • + egg muffins
  • + spelt cookies

- the menu is planned in line with your individual needs


Send your order via e-mail to and leave your phone number. We will call you back.


Minimum 2 days before your party.


Payable either in cash or by credit card on receipt of order in the cafe.

17 Rakowicka St.
+48 513 932 810